Thoughts During This Time

I would like to share my thoughts during this time. Like a lot of people, I now have more time on my hands than I’ve had in a long time and I can’t go visit, travel, help others, or be in the (close) proximity of strangers.  BUT do not despair.

There are things we are doing as both a community; and as businesses. There are great stories coming out and as examples of heroic selflessness. It shows that deep, down, we want to lift others up, we want to feel needed, (especially in these times of sterility, and ‘no-contact” delivery).

Patience will be needed throughout this time, however long that may be for we are not in control of this, God is. 

I see residents of St. Petersburg, patiently waiting in lines to be the next customer allowed into the store.

Many are following the social distancing rules waiting in a grocery line.

I know you have slowed down for bikes, and pedestrians, waving or smiling at your neighbor, The list goes on!!!

I have seen the awesome sidewalk chalk art. This gift brightens my day.

Thanks to the many churches who are providing much needed shepherding online at this time. We need guidance and direction. This is a time of high anxiety and fear. wants to provide links to agencies, places, and organizations. Spread the word to enable others to get through this, too.

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These are My Thoughts During This Time. Please comment.

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