Thoughts During This Time

I would like to share my thoughts during this time. Like a lot of people, I now have more time on my hands than I’ve had in a long time and I can’t go visit, travel, help others, or be in the (close) proximity of strangers.  BUT do not despair. There are things we are […]

St Petersburg Community Wellness Guide

Advocatesmart Presents St Petersburg Community Wellness Guide for the Uninsured This St Petersburg Community Wellness Guide serves as a resource in the Community Services sector of St. Petersburg, Florida. wants to create another way for community to find support. It will be amended, or expanded as new services and community issues surface. However, this […]

Advocatesmart Community Advocacy Blog

Advocatesmart Community Advocacy Blog allows community members local access to promote their social events, meanwhile sharing common landmarks and concerns with a wider audience. As a community advocate, Advocatesmart uses passion to inform citizens about social issues. In addition, environmental, animal, and human conditions motivate an effort to move into a call for action. As […]