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Advocatesmart Small Business Blog creates partnerships, and forges relationships to drive customer referrals while saving business owners time and money.

Advocatesmart is building small business blog links within the community. Uniquely, this strengthens local commitment to keep goods and services flowing through the city and neighboring counties while making basic human services available to those in need.

Advocatesmart Small Business Blog proves business and community can likewise partner for altruistic means.

Introducing Advocatesmart’s Small Business Blog.

Please introduce yourself through email to me.

This is my introduction to you:

My name is Dianne Helm. I am a former Special Education Teacher, specializing in Reading and Writing., founder and CEO of Helm Publishing in 1998.

My educational background an AA degree in Accounting, BA in Teaching, and an MBA in Business Management. I have been a tax preparer for 20 years. Over the course of 2 decades I held positions as a government contractor, a literacy coordinator, VITA supervisor, and advocate for my sons (gifted and disabled). More importantly, I still consider myself a lifelong student.

My business background includes initially offering virtual secretarial services, including bookkeeping, and accounting to Small Business owners. Morphing into book publishing company for 28 years. I can likewise consult with you.

Along the way I prepared tax statements for individuals, small business and partnerships for 25 years. Likewise I can consult with you.

Additionally, Advocatesmart would like to offer interviews of local business to showcase new products and services. Please email the advocate with your interest:

Business owners need to do more than connect and network. There is common ground in community altruism. You have an invite to comment, share ideas and grow your business with the Advocate. Finally, every 2-3 weeks Advocatesmart will give local business the chance to blog to a wider audience, new opportunities, and each other.

How to Send Materials:

Send me your contact name, company name, and email it to:

Of course, you can add your business url, facebook, twitter handle, and more to our resource list. One more way to promote your business~

As a matter of fact, it’s that simple. Let’s get something started!

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