Re-Opening Our Local Economy Safely

Re-opening our local economy safely is a very important first step.

Therefore, small business and residents must have a voice in the matter.

First, Small Businesses are in a perfect position to provide valuable feedback.

Second, on issues which address crucial timing for re-opening safely, residents should be heard as well.

Each state, county, city, and municipality is a microcosm of a larger picture. Moreover, communities and businesses must become self-sufficient.

Additionally, there are enough resources and innovation to fuel new ways of funding our educational systems.

Not to mention changing corporate structure, as well as eliminating outdated laws.

Here is an article from NPR:


Not only do we need it but we won’t survive unless we do.

Author: Noel Jervey (IP address: 156.96.118.

Re-Opening Our Local Economy Safely lets the businesses and residents feel better about doing the right thing.

Finally, thank you for taking part. This affects all of us.

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