Re-Opening Our Local Economy Safely

Re-opening our local economy safely is a very important first step. Therefore, small business and residents must have a voice in the matter. First, Small Businesses are in a perfect position to provide valuable feedback. Second, on issues which address crucial timing for re-opening safely, residents should be heard as well. Each state, county, city, […]

Thoughts During This Time

I would like to share my thoughts during this time. Like a lot of people, I now have more time on my hands than I’ve had in a long time and I can’t go visit, travel, help others, or be in the (close) proximity of strangers.  BUT do not despair. There are things we are […]

Advocatesmart Community Advocacy Blog

Advocatesmart Community Advocacy Blog allows community members local access to promote their social events, meanwhile sharing common landmarks and concerns with a wider audience. As a community advocate, Advocatesmart uses passion to inform citizens about social issues. In addition, environmental, animal, and human conditions motivate an effort to move into a call for action. As […]