Amazon Rips Off Its Vendors

Amazon Rips Off Its Vendors. I did not receive a payment that was scheduled to be directly deposited into my bank account. This has happened too many times.

Why ?

How Amazon Rips Off Its Vendors: This payment should be made immediately since receiving numerous emails over January 2020 (not to mention October, November, and December of 2019) confirming the payment to finally be paid for February.  As of February 29, 2020, this payment is still not in my bank account.

This is unacceptable. 

This is my 18th email to your company to ascertain where the payment which was affirmed in writing through countless Case remark feeds. (Even though you deleted the old trails of confirmation and titles of employees who confirmed payment would be forthcoming at the end of the each of preceding 6 month(s).)

Little background

I have been a vendor on Amazon for 17 years. I was promised a vendor payment of $263.00 October, November, December, January and February.

To date, I have been paid $185.00 (this is the sum total of all business done with Amazon over 2019).

Ways Amazon Rips Off Its Vendors

I have had contact with 8 people in India, 3 executives in member services, and 2 vice presidents under Jeff Bezos, because it was he I emailed at the point of concern 8 months ago. He passes my email off like a quarterback who doesn’t know what to do with the ball fast enough. However, there seems to be a “lets get stupid” gap in command. I think this is done on purpose because all Amazon has is time.

As a vendor I am charged a 55% off retail discount to sell on amazon. Then I have 2 days to ship (at my expense) and fulfill Amazon order requirements that are in a constant state of flux. These are my constraints currently. It never used to be like this.
If I tell them that I can’t make a profit on orders of 1 unit. Those orders would not cover the cost of shipping and handling, let alone the cost of the product. I am met with arguments and sanctions. it’s a Amazon win only situation. Ever hear of a chargeback?

There was an $263.55 accounting error in payment to my company in October of last year. Also fighting to get back the annual fee Amazon wrote it would not charge my company and yet still did in October as a deduction of the vendor payment. At this point it is principle and ethical standards that compel me.

Bad business practices force me to sever ties with Amazon. I would advocate selecting small business vendors

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