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Charlie McCarson, Life Coach,
This Week Small Business Blog Interviews with Advocatesmart sits down with Charlie McCarson, Life Coach, and Owner of Fundamentally Fit.

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Advocate: How long have you been in fitness and what made you get into the business of fitness?

Charlie: I’ve been in business for 4 years however, I have been training myself for almost a decade. I used to play in a band, worked in retail, smoked cigarettes, and partied like crazy. I also struggled with low self-confidence and being overweight.

Fast forward to today, I’m 70 pounds lighter, not smoking, feeling confident in my own skin and daily life. I have also transitioned to fitness full-time since last year. I have the education, testimonials, and experience not only to crush your goals, but to provide you with the tools to make them stick far past the before and after shots.

Advocate: Who are your customers? What do you provide for potential customers?

Charlie: I teach busy pros in their 20s to 50s how to find balance in their lives. You will be provided with scientifically proven methods to target whatever your goal may be, as well as the direction needed outside of the gym to target those pesky behaviors that cause you to derail or give up. Ever go to the gym 7 days a week, and eat perfectly all the way until Friday, just to derail from your goals?

Advocate: Do you offer anything like assessments to help customers reach their potential and commit to their fitness programs?

Charlie: One free assessment is offered with every package which gives the best experience.

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