Advocatesmart Business and Community Resources

Advocatesmart Business and Community Resources

Our mission at Advocatesmart Business and Community Resources is Commitment to Growing Community. Moreover, Advocatesmart associates train, teach, and mentor. In addition, we believe strong network and liaisons thrive through community altruism.

Business Services Advocatesmart

Specifically, Advocatesmart translates needs to action, resulting in a change to more efficient business operations. Referring business to business, for networking, in the same way benefits small business plan development, online marketing, and financial/managerial budgeting through relationship building.

We are offering SBA Grant Application Help. Businesses Can Still Apply for an SBA COVID-19 $10,000 Disaster Grant –

No Repayment Required.

Advocatesmart will : Consult with you to apply for this grant via the SBA disaster loan website. …Verify eligibility. ...Gather and submit required business information. …Provide business owner(s) information. …Submit additional information as needed.

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Advocatesmart Business Plan Development is a good financial and marketing tool. Unquestionably, Advocatesmart is the best choice to enhance your business. Bring questions, ideas, visions, goals, objectives, and meet with us.

Providing Business Services

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Dianne Helm

Dianne Helm is a former Special Education Teacher, specializing in Reading and Writing. Additionally, her education includes an Associates in Accounting, a BA in Teaching, and an MBA in Business Management.

Specifically, Ms Helm’s background includes book publishing for 28 years, virtual secretarial services, grant writing, bookkeeping, and accounting to small business owners. Subsequently, an area of expertise is the preparation of tax statements for individuals, small business and partnerships.

Furthermore, her knowledge and skill level provide a baseline for classes which analyze, assist, and teach website Search Engine Optimization. Ultimately, the need for business owners is to do more than simply connect to the internet and try to network.

Our Community Blog allows local and part time residents to find out about events, and sound off about issues that affect all of us. Similarly, we support grassroots organizations, churches, philanthropic causes, and more. Check it out and contribute something to say.

Whether you read the Small Business Blog, the Community Blog, or both, you’ll be glad you did. Learn something Today.

Share community ideas and grow your business with the Advocate. Post and follow our blogs at:
Community Services Blog StPete and Small Business Resource Blog.

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